CTS EVENTIM celebrates 18th record year since its IPO

▪ Annual revenue surpasses the EUR 2 billion mark for the first time and rises to EUR 2.359 billion (+22%), the 18th record figure since the IPO in 2000. Normalised EBITDA climbs to EUR 501.4 million (+32%).

▪ At EUR 1.43 per share, the planned dividend is at its highest ever level.

▪ Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS EVENTIM: “Live entertainment is once again driving the arts and creative sectors. Our platforms and systems are synonymous with performance and reliability – as are the Company itself and everyone who works here.”

Munich, 26 March 2024 – CTS EVENTIM, the number one for ticketing and live entertainment in Europe and the number two worldwide, achieved record revenue and earnings in 2023.

Revenue for 2023 was up by an impressive 22% at EUR 2.359 billion, while normalised EBITDA increased at the even stronger rate of 32% to reach EUR 501.4 million. Thanks to a particularly successful fourth quarter, the Group once again outstripped the forecasts that it had issued during the year. More than half of the consolidated revenue was generated from the Group’s international activities.

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS EVENTIM: ”These excellent results are proof that live entertainment is once again driving the arts and creative sectors. We owe this primarily to the creativity of the artists who delight their fans around the world day in, day out. It is also thanks to the countless promoters who, with their boldness and entrepreneurial spirit, stage events and create unforgettable experiences. And last but not least, our team and our technologies ensure that live cultural events can thrive and that everyone involved can make a living from their work. Our platforms and systems are synonymous with performance and reliability – as are the Company itself and everyone who works here.” 

Ticketing: organic growth and expansion in South America

The biggest driver of growth last year was the Ticketing segment, which notched up annual revenue of EUR 717.3 million (+32%) and normalised EBITDA of EUR 384.4 million (+47%). Known for their stability and performance, the ticketing systems and platforms also proved their reliability in 2023, coping with major and hyper demand levels when tickets went on sale for popular stars such as Taylor Swift, Rammstein, Apache 207, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and Paul McCartney. Economies of scale resulting from the shared use of centralised infrastructure helped to increase the margin. Last year, CTS EVENTIM became market leader in two further key entertainment markets in South America when, in partnership with Sony Music Latin Iberia, it acquired ticketing companies Punto Ticket (Chile) and Teleticket (Peru). However, the full effect of these acquisitions will only be seen in earnings this year as they have only been included in the scope of consolidation since mid-November.

Live entertainment: significant momentum resulting from expansion in the USA and new formats

The Live Entertainment segment recorded revenue of EUR 1.677 billion (+19%) in 2023, with normalised EBITDA remaining virtually unchanged year on year at EUR 117.0 million (-2%). Thanks to the growth in revenue, this segment was able to offset nearly all of the significant cost increases that it faced. A key focus in 2023 was the expansion of business in North America. New partnerships with MAMMOTH, INC and AG ENTERTAINMENT TOURING provided a boost to the US business. The establishment of the new company THE TOURING CO. in collaboration with up-and-coming promoter Walter McDonald in December 2023 shows that CTS EVENTIM is forging ahead with its internationalisation strategy. The touring exhibitions business continues to gather pace, incorporating a variety of formats. The hugely popular ‘Harry Potter – The Exhibition’, for example, currently has three tours running in parallel in Europe, Asia and the USA. And more are expected to follow.

Construction starts on Italy’s largest, most innovative and most sustainable multipurpose arena

The portfolio of venues, which includes iconic locations such as the Waldbühne in Berlin, Cologne’s LANXESS arena and the EVENTIM APOLLO in London, will be expanded at the end of 2025. Once finished, the ARENA FOR MILAN will be the largest, most innovative and most sustainable multipurpose indoor arena in Italy. When it goes into operation, this new facility will enable CTS EVENTIM to offer an unparalleled level of service and an unprecedented experience to artists, promoters and fans alike.

Dividend at record level

In view of this strong business performance, the CTS EVENTIM Executive Board and Supervisory Board’s proposal to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on 14 May will be to distribute EUR 137.3 million in dividends to shareholders. This sum, the highest dividend in the Company’s history, equates to 50% of net income or EUR 1.43 per share (previous year: EUR 1.06 per share).

Non-recurring item

The Group figures include income of EUR 37.4 million to which the CTS group companies are directly entitled that results from compensation paid by the German government to the joint venture autoTicket GmbH, Berlin. As the figures for 2022 contained a similar volume of non-recurring income that had been received – primarily in the Live Entertainment segment – under pandemic-related economic aid programmes, the year-on-year growth rates shown here reflect the success of the operating business.


Against a backdrop of stable macroeconomic conditions, CTS EVENTIM is anticipating a moderate rise in total revenue in 2024 and expects earnings to remain at the high level seen in 2023, even without non-recurring items. All other information on the reporting period can be found in CTS EVENTIM’s latest annual report, which will be available at corporate.eventim.de/en along with the non-financial group report upon publication of this press release.


CTS EVENTIM is the number one provider of ticketing services in Europe and number two in the world. Over 300 million tickets per year are marketed using the Company’s systems – through physical box offices and mobile/online portals. According to Pollstar’s global rankings for 2023, the EVENTIM Group is the second-biggest promoter in the world. In addition, CTS EVENTIM operates some of Europe’s most renowned venues. CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA (ISIN DE 0005470306) has been listed on the stock exchange since 2000 and is a member of the MDAX segment. In 2023, the Group generated revenue of EUR 2.4 billion across more than 25 countries.

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