Product Support Associate – B2B

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Seeking a Product Support Associate – B2B to play a crucial role in coordinating and executing the ticketing system’s delivery for Eventim’s Major Events.

Data Integration Manager

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Seeking a Data Integration Manager to optimize the use of data across campaigns, client engagement, and ensure seamless integration between various systems and applications.

Technology & Security Manager

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Seeking a Technology & Security Manager to manage and implement the delivery of the ticketing system and services for the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Product Manager B2C

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Seeking a Product Manager to manage and deliver technology projects for major events, including tournaments and the Olympic Games.

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In a fast-paced and competitive industry, agility is key to sustained success. EVENTIM harnesses the latest and best technology to drive developments forward and achieve excellence.  

But behind it all, at the heart of our organization are the people.  

Our team are both experts in their field and passionate about live entertainment, fueling their work, success and commitment to customers and clients alike. We believe that initiative, creativity and a hands-on approach are integral to every aspect of growth. Our goal is to embrace all ideas and foster a willingness to challenge and be challenged. EVENTIM offers a world of opportunity, from career development, international travel, promotional possibilities to the chance to work on some of the world’s largest events. We are a leading international provider of ticketing and live entertainment. Elevate your career. Join us now! 

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